Calibration Services

We offer complete peace of mind with a dedicated team who monitor and complete your calibration schedule efficiently.


Clinical Engineering

Today Hospitals are not only known by their size but also by the specialties that they offer and the success rate they achieve and this would not be possible without the aid of technology.


Radiological Services


Endoscope Laboratory

TBS Group has developed specific skills in the multi-vendor and multi-product endoscopy sector.

TBS India - Integrated Healthcare Technology Management

TBS INDIA TELEMATIC AND BIOMEDICAL SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. is part of the Global TBS Group of companies solely dedicated to providing integrated Health Care Technology management services. Established in India as MNE Technologies Pvt Ltd in the year 2000 with the vision of providing Brand Agnostic Clinical engineering services under one umbrella.

Althea Group Profile

Althea is one of the leading independent providers of integrated healthcare technology management. We operate as an outsourced technological partner for the provision of managed services and multivendor maintenance of the entire medical equipment portfolio in public and private healthcare organisations.


Our Services

Asset Management

Technical Advisory services for Structural shielding, Layout plans and AERB licensing.

Clinical Engineering

Clinical engineering is a specialty primarily for applying and implementing medical technology..

Radiological Services

TBS is an AERB approved company to perform the Radiology-QA for the entire spectrum of radiology equipment's.

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