Althea Group Profile

Althea is one of the leading independent providers of integrated healthcare technology management. We operate as an outsourced technological partner for the provision of managed services and multivendor maintenance of the entire medical equipment portfolio in public and private healthcare organisations. Across multiple technologies – from biomedical equipment to advanced diagnostic imaging & radiology.

The business model of Althea is an outstanding combination of integrated solutions, OEM independence and deep knowledge of healthcare processes that leads to better patient care, cost efficiencies and value maximisation of healthcare providers.


Our skilled on-site teams perform advanced technical solutions independent of brands, technologies and equipment classes, delivering a single source of tailored and integrated services for customers’ needs.

The Group today manages more than 1.4 million medical devices in over 2,700 healthcare facilities across 17 countries. Our centres of excellence, workshops and specialised laboratories span the globe, leveraging the expertise of more than 3,000 engineers, technicians, administrators and customer service specialists.


A new start for an experienced team

Althea brings together eight leading healthcare services companies with a long history of innovation and strong local and global insights, driven by a commitment to better healthcare.

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“Althea is committed to helping hospitals improve outcomes, enhance care and deliver better quality of life for patients, through our comprehensive services and our deep understanding of processes.

Althea offers a unique integrated service for the management of medical equipment across different technologies, departments and manufacturers, throughout its entire lifecycle.”.

The fast pace of clinical development is helping improve outcomes, but it also introduces a multiplicity of technologies that are complex to manage, making it challenging to continually improve patient care.

Althea was founded to break those technological barriers. With Althea, customers are free to choose service solutions that work seamlessly, increasing the efficiency of patient care by integrating the management of the technologies that care relies upon.

Althea aims to become the first global multivendor service provider in healthcare, for the benefit of patients, healthcare providers and healthcare systems around the world.