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Moving to bigger corporate office space at KR Puram


Launch of mobile Healthcare solutions

Awarded CAMC of state wide Hospitals & Clinics of Government of Andhra Pradesh


Partnered with Cosmed Italy and Covidien USA

LAMC of Goldman Sacs Bangalore, HCG Group, ESI Delhi

Launch of Pentax Endo Labs Bangalore & Hyderabad


First Operation Leasing for Manipal

Advanced BioMed course for Govt of Pondicherry

Acquired by TBS Group, Italy (2010)

CAMC of Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur

Operation Leasing for Apollo Hospital

Projects in Abuja & Lagos in Nigeria and Muscat


CAMC of Manipal Health Systems

AERB Accreditation, Siemens AFNCI Egypt

Partnered with Atmos Germany, AIIA Korea


ISO Certification, CAMC of St. Johns Bangalore

Projects in Bangladesh & Nepal

Tata Motors Hospital, Jamshedpur

Tamil Nadu State Projects


MNE Technologies incorporated, LAMC of Manipal Hospitals

CMC Vellore, AMRI, CRH Sikkim

World Bank Projects - West Bengal, Maharashtra & Odisha

  • Chi siamo / About us

TBS India. Health Technology Management.

Innovating technology and processes to curb costs and enhance services
and performance quality.

Group Profile

TBS Group was founded in a research environment in the late 1980s as a highly specialised clinical engineering service provider.

In line with the integrated development of technology (in both IT and telematics), the group's growth was marked by development in clinical engineering itself. In fact, clinical engineering was no longer merely restricted to the safe and efficient management of biomedical equipment but had expanded to comprise the integrated management of all technologies implemented in hospitals and health and social care facilities.

Throughout the world, healthcare costs are the most significant item in public expenditure, tend to grow faster than GDP and threatening to become unsustainable: 50% of this trend can be attributed to technology.

TBS Group works to set up technical workshops within hospitals and health and social care facilities (today there are more than 300 workshops, subdivided into 46 Regional Operating Centres), which employ a permanent staff of biomedical and IT engineers as well as highly specialised technicians who undergo continuous training (over 1,600 out of a total of 2,400 members of staff). The biomedical technology specialists and IT experts working in TBS Group’s 26 operating centres assist and coordinate the operations of the various workshops within the local area.

This wide network of technicians and skills draws on an interconnected IT platform and an impressive database that enables a continuous exchange of data, information and knowledge.

TBS Group also deploys specific internal R&D department operating in collaboration with leading universities and international research centres.

The Group has a marked propensity for internationalisation and currently works with several subsidiaries throughout 21 countries.

The headquarters is located at AREA Science Park (Trieste, Italy); the science and technology park where it has been a tenant since 1994.

TBS Group offers integrated clinical engineering, e-Health and e-Government services to hospital and health and social care companies, both public and private, in Italy and abroad.

TBS Group operates with two Business Units:

Medical devices and ICT systems

TBS Group provides public and private healthcare facilities with specific outsourced technology management services for all medical devices, from the simplest to the most complex, and for all ICT systems and solutions. It operates with the highest possible level of security on a multivendor basis and with widespread biomedical and IT engineers and technicians, both on site and in the local community. It also supplies telemedicine and telecare services to encourage the continuity of diagnosis and care between hospitals and the local community and to implement telematic home-based health and social care services.

The services offered by TBS Group can be provided either individually or as part of an integrated service, offering exceptional flexibility based on each customer’s specific needs.

Integrated solutions of e-Health & e-Government

TBS Group develops its own solutions, supplies the related services, acts as a system integrator and offers specific design skills and capacities in the following areas:

  • Medical IT services and products for the supply, installation, testing and integrated management of all medical IT systems and solutions, and their integration with administrative systems, in hospital and health and social care settings.
  • IT products, systems and solutions for public administration - the production, supply and management of integrated systems for the computer-based management of demographic, social, tax, administrative and government services, for human resources management and for recording and managing documentation for local and regional government bodies and other public agencies.


TBS Group is present in 21 countries with over 20 companies.
More than 2,400 highly qualified staff, 350 workshops, 46 Regional operational centers, 26 competence centers.
More than 1,000 healthcare structures, 850,000 medical equipment and devices managed, 1,300,000 maintenance activities, 43,000 users of telecare and telemedicine services.

TBS INDIA Telematic & Biomedical Services Pvt Ltd.
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