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Moving to bigger corporate office space at KR Puram


Launch of mobile Healthcare solutions

Awarded CAMC of state wide Hospitals & Clinics of Government of Andhra Pradesh


Partnered with Cosmed Italy and Covidien USA

LAMC of Goldman Sacs Bangalore, HCG Group, ESI Delhi

Launch of Pentax Endo Labs Bangalore & Hyderabad


First Operation Leasing for Manipal

Advanced BioMed course for Govt of Pondicherry

Acquired by TBS Group, Italy (2010)

CAMC of Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur

Operation Leasing for Apollo Hospital

Projects in Abuja & Lagos in Nigeria and Muscat


CAMC of Manipal Health Systems

AERB Accreditation, Siemens AFNCI Egypt

Partnered with Atmos Germany, AIIA Korea


ISO Certification, CAMC of St. Johns Bangalore

Projects in Bangladesh & Nepal

Tata Motors Hospital, Jamshedpur

Tamil Nadu State Projects


MNE Technologies incorporated, LAMC of Manipal Hospitals

CMC Vellore, AMRI, CRH Sikkim

World Bank Projects - West Bengal, Maharashtra & Odisha

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TBS India. Health Technology Management.

Innovating technology and processes to curb costs and enhance services
and performance quality.

Clinical Engineering

Clinical engineering is a specialty primarily for applying and implementing medical technology to optimize healthcare delivery. Today Hospitals are not only known by their size but also by the specialties that they offer and the success rate they achieve and this would not be possible without the aid of technology. Healthcare has equipment to ensure their availability and reliability. With this growing influence and dependence on technology, the role of HTMS gains more prominence in the whole gamut of Healthcare delivery.

A Quality Clinical Engineering Service Delivery Ensures

  • Availability of Comprehensive Medical Equipment records.
  • High Equipment Up time through fast turnaround time.
  • Enhanced Equipment Life Span to optimize capital investment.
  • High Responsiveness for urgent care.
  • Eliminate patient (or) operator injury due to medical equipment misapplication.
  • Optimal Equipment Utilization through user training.
  • Technology based advisory services.
  • Elimination of Incidents through Equipment Hazard Alerts & Safety Tests.
  • Replacement advisory based on equipment life cycle maintenance cost records, Safety and Technological innovations.

‘An accountable, systematic approach to ensuring that cost effective, Safe, efficacious and, appropriate equipment is available to meet the demands of quality patient care (ECRI, 1989)’

Asset Inventory & Commissioning 

It is vital and mandatory that all new medical equipment, system and installations (asset), be tested and commissioned prior to use. It involves verification of the equipment against the technical specifications detailed in the purchase ordered (such as type, model, manufacture, electrical requirements, etc.) and verification for compliance to other technical requirements, standards and regulations as requirements as required by the users including the current safety regulations. The suppliers will be responsible for providing the stipulated warranty services for all new medical equipment purchased and installed in the Hospital. TBS will be responsible for Compiling details of all warranties and making sure that all planned preventive maintenance inspections covered by the warranty are carried out by the supplier or his agents; Ensuring that the supplier/his agents rectify and repair all faults reported during the warranty period and Carrying out safety/functional tests prior to the expiry of the warranty period.

Planned Preventive Maintenance & Safety  Checks

Provision of Comprehensive Program of Planned and Scheduled Maintenance on all relevant Biomedical Equipment Performance Verification/Certification. Annual planned Preventive Maintenance calendar is prepared in accordance with International guidelines (ECRI recommendations) on the PM frequency. The Schedules are uploaded into the Maintenance software, and PPM work orders/PM Check Lists are generated for execution and job completion is validation by end users, for closure in systems.

Breakdown Maintenance 

Provision of Breakdown Maintenance and Emergency Maintenance to restore equipment to a specified condition. All Breakdowns will be logged in system and Responded within the Stipulated “Response Time”. Equipment will be serviced and made functional in the shortest possible time. All Work orders/ Service Reports will be validated by the end users for satisfactory performance of the equipment and updating in the system. 24/7 on call services available for emergency support.

Predictive Maintenance & functional control 

TBS biomedical engineers will carry out daily walk-through inspections in order to ensure safe and reliable functioning of equipment. The daily activity of proactive equipment inspection in critical departments such as Operating Theaters and I.C.U.s in order to identify equipment that might require maintenance in order to prevent major breakdown. Our proactive initiative reduces considerable downtime and ensure critical equipment are available when need arises.

User Training Modules

End User training will be planned and implemented throughout the service period. This will ensure of the facilities/equipment, the daily operational checks that should be carried out by users and proper care that should be instituted by the user personnel. Areas of Training's will be addressed from the feedback on breakdown as well as end users requirements/requests.

  • Optimal equipment utilization.
  • Preventing Mishandling.
  • Familiarization of new technologies/features.

Risk Management/Medical Device Safety Alerts

TBS is a partner of E.C.R.I. and will share with customers for any critical safety alerts under the Medical Device Safety Alerts program.

The project Coordinator will receive the above-mentioned alerts from TBS headquarters and distribute them to customers.

BER-Advisory Services & Utilities/Services

In order for Medical Equipment to be functioning, it is required that utilities such as Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Centralized Suction/ Compressed Air lines, Water, and other service are functioning properly.

TBS INDIA will advise on the necessary infrastructure required to the concerned hospital authorities and shall advice the customer/ various facility engineering services towards proper functioning of equipment's.

Often the user department and Hospital Authorities will require O&M input while planning the addition of new facilities and the procurement of new equipment. The technical advisory services will include the following.

  • Recommend appropriate solutions for problems pertaining to engineering design, selection of appropriate medical equipment and specification while buying new equipment and systems.
  • Appraise the condition of existing of equipment, reviewing the current technology, adaption of new technologies and new safety features. And accordingly recommend for repair/replacement decisions.

Management Information System

The DASHBOARD provides a snap shot of the VITAL SIGNS of the Operations.

The Software Package (HTMS) is included in our Maintenance Management System and is used solely for effective delivery of world class Clinical Engineering program.

The main advantages of the cloud based Maintenance Software System for Clinical Engineering Services Management is to enable TBS to maintain a system of effective and efficient management of activates carried out towards the service of bio-medical equipment. The software includes all the necessary components.

  • Asset Management.
  • Asset Tagging & Registration.
  • Work Order Management.
  • Generation & compiling of BM/PM work orders.
  • Reports.
  • All kind of Management reports like MTBF, MTTF etc…

The HELP DESK provides for a single point of contact (SPOC) where all calls are registered in the system and a system generated complaint is generated to track the call for completion.

TBS Group is present in 21 countries with over 20 companies.
More than 2,400 highly qualified staff, 350 workshops, 46 Regional operational centers, 26 competence centers.
More than 1,000 healthcare structures, 850,000 medical equipment and devices managed, 1,300,000 maintenance activities, 43,000 users of telecare and telemedicine services.

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